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Expert teachers
It is rightly said that you cannot achieve your goal without an able guidance. Teachers are extremely crucial elements in students’ life as they guide them through the problems and ensure that they are successful. AADHAR INSTITUTE have long been proven to be highly effective when it comes to preparing the students for competitive exams. AADHAR Institute has experienced and highly Expert teachers who will guide in the best possible manner so that your chance the competitive exams get enhanced.

Study Material
Besides the classroom notes, we also provide our students the best study material,tricky study charts, so that they can prepare for the Board and competitive examinations even at home.

Director’s Message

AADHAR INSTITUTE has a significant education system with a humble birth and an institution where no student is ever neglected, where every action and thought is student oriented. At AADHAR INSTITUTE students are considered sparks of divinity, and teaching is considered as dedicated service towards divinity. We ensure that our endeavour at AADHAR is to prepare students for life by developing in them, an analytical mind, the right attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by academic excellence.

“ I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sail to always reach my destination”

                                                                        Warm Regards

                                                                        AADHAR INSTITUTE